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Tino’s Hawaiian Entertainment

will transport you and your guests to a magical world of Polynesia. Tino’s Hawaiian Entertainment show will involve various dances, costumes and routines. Ours is not just one show, it’s many. The most powerfully entertaining Polynesian show you will ever experience. Featuring only beautiful, authentic hula dancers and always exciting performances, we will captivate your guests.

Our Hawaiian Luau Show contains a variety of different Hula Dances. The Hula Dance is one of the most beautiful Hawaiian Dances, with harmonious movements that are conveyed by the dancers.

Tino’s Hawaiian  Hula Dancers Entertainment

is one of the largest production companies specializing in Luau themed events, hosted in locations across the east coast! Our network of in house Hula Dancers and Musicians from the Islands make it possible for you to host a truly authentic Luau experience for your guests! Whether it is a big Corporate event in NEW JERSEY or a private intimate Luau Party hosted in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware or any other location in-between, we guarantee that your Luau Show Event will be an un-forgettable occasion. Whether you are hosting an authentic luau in your home or planning a corporate event, we can provide you with professional entertainers and producers to assure a successful affair. Get carried away by the spirit of the South Pacific in this spectacular live celebration of Polynesia!

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The rhythmic drums of Tahiti and the haunting echo of the conch shell as 

“Tino’s Hawaiian Entertainment”

takes you on an enchanting and unforgettable journey through the islands of Polynesia.  As is the case at all luaus, take your shoes off, get comfortable and relax as the beautiful and exotic dancers of Polynesia dazzle you with their colorful costuming, songs and dances. The highlight of the show builds to a fever pitch, drums roaring, introducing our Samoan fire knife dancer, as our chief thrills you with his daring and spectacular warrior’s dance of the fire.

 Luau with an ALOHA smile

Aloha with an smile with Hula Dancers

while lei greeting and welcoming your guests. To begin the show you must listen for the Hawaiian Conch Shell to blow. This is to announce that the show is about to start.

Of course,the fun is just beginning

as our hula dancers make their way out into the audience to find some volunteers to join them on stage.  If you have someone you’d like us to pick on, our luau is just the place for it.

As the show continues the real fun just begins where our dancers make their way into the audience, some of your guests will be hand picked to perform on stage while everyone continues to laugh and have fun. For now we would like to say ALOHA to you and your guests as we leave you with memories of a life time and experience of the Polynesian Islands!!!

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Hawaiian Entertainment

is South Jersey’s Premier Hawaiian Entertainment company. Let our professional cast of dancers take you on a journey through Polynesia.  With pulsating Drums, Beautiful Hula dancers and Exciting Fire Knife dancers. Our Polynesian show is an action packed non-stop revue of dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and New Zealand.  From the sound of the conch shell to the last drum beat, your guests will be amazed!  Laugh as we teach your guests to Shake their Hips and dance the HULA! We provide Hula shows (small to large) with live Hawaiian music for all types of events- weddings, receptions, cocktail parties, birthdays, corporate events, and much more. Checkout Photo Gallery